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Save Cal Baseball


And if the university destroys the program that, among other Giants, developed Jeff Kent and provided competition for Barry Bonds (ASU) and Randy Johnson (UCLA) while I attended, I pledge to resign my Lifetime Cal Alumni membership and strongly suggest that my SHCP Junior daughter not apply to the university.
Sadly, I never did attend a baseball game, although I did attend two Cal/Stanfurd Big Games, especially the 1982 game, which finished with The Play.

’97 Again?!

I have a baseball signed by Jeff Kent, Shawn Estes (on the sweet spot), and J.T. Snow, Jr. a few hours after they clinched the NL West in ’97 on the Padres. They’ve set themselves up to repeat that performance. I hope they don’t repeat the rest of that scenario (four game losing streak to the eventual World Series champion, that year the Marlins). No Marlins this time, who earned both of their championships by wiping out the NL West Champion Giants… 😦

Giants, go get that series win on the Padres!
P.S. They signed the ball at a card show that evening. I should have gotten Tony Gwynn, Sr.’s signature that night, too. He was the picture of class that night. I’d love to give his son a hug tomorrow around the game, because he may have the same feelings as his dad on that night.