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The Strips are Mine

Just paid up my Postseason Strips for CL229, Row E, Seats 1-4. Keeping winning Giants!

Wanted: Four AT&T Park Club Level Seat  Licenses

Well, I’m in the hunt for four AT&T Park Club Level Seat Licenses. One posting looking promising, but got pulled just before I was going to make a bid (asking price: $6,000). For another set I’ve made $4,000 bids twice without a response. The seller for a set of four Seat 225 seats was really funny, though. To my bid of $4,000 (comparable to the seats which were pulled), the seller simply restated his asking price of $18,000. Sorry, sellers, I only want to spend so much and I already have my opening day tickets. I’ll pick up some more Saturday at the SHCP auction, although I’ll probably get outbid on some of them.