Wanted: Four AT&T Park Club Level Seat  Licenses

Well, I’m in the hunt for four AT&T Park Club Level Seat Licenses. One posting looking promising, but got pulled just before I was going to make a bid (asking price: $6,000). For another set I’ve made $4,000 bids twice without a response. The seller for a set of four Seat 225 seats was really funny, though. To my bid of $4,000 (comparable to the seats which were pulled), the seller simply restated his asking price of $18,000. Sorry, sellers, I only want to spend so much and I already have my opening day tickets. I’ll pick up some more Saturday at the SHCP auction, although I’ll probably get outbid on some of them.

One comment

  1. mlblogsshrimpboat

    Sorry for the *extremely* late update, but June 30th, 2011, I bought the seat licenses for CL 229, Row E, Seats 1-4. I’ve donated eight sets, two each to the Cal Baseball Foundation, Golden Gate Philharmonic, The Laurel School, and Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory. StubHub hasn’t proven useful yet in selling tickets – ended up donating my A’s preseason tickets.

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