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How soon they forget

Two collapses for wild card spots for two East Coast teams to one East and one Central team was exciting, but I think last year’s of the Padres vs. the Giants was the sweetest. What a difference a year makes.

Giants’ Magic Number: 25

Finally, the Giants score runs and win, plus the Padres manage to hold on to a lead and Heath Bell gets a save. Jon Miller mentioned today that a fan came up to him and said the Giants’ Magic Number is 27 before today’s game. He commented that the fan was very optimistic. He did the math and the fan got the numbers correct, although it does mean the Snakes *must* losing a number of games for the Giants to win the NL West.

After today’s results, that number is down to 25. Maybe I will toss in the $25 for my postseason strips in CL 229. Would be nice to collect the 10 to 1 payoff on my $20 bet. After my last two losing trips to Reno, something tells me that planning to blow a bunch of it when I come back is a bad idea. (through proper money management, I usually come back ahead.)

A Game That Matters

Well, I can see that the wonderful MLBlogs Autosave feature did an excellent job saving the title of this entry, but not the content. Sigh.

When I purchased my tickets for today at the SHCP 2010 auction on March 27th, I just thought “Great, last day of the season. Padres, that’s OK.” Little did I know.
The rain you may or may not see in your forecast has now stopped, perhaps only a break. I wonder what happens if today’s game gets rained out?
All I do know is the Giants will have more baseball tomorrow, whether it be playing into the playoffs or with a postseason berth in hand.

’97 Again?!

I have a baseball signed by Jeff Kent, Shawn Estes (on the sweet spot), and J.T. Snow, Jr. a few hours after they clinched the NL West in ’97 on the Padres. They’ve set themselves up to repeat that performance. I hope they don’t repeat the rest of that scenario (four game losing streak to the eventual World Series champion, that year the Marlins). No Marlins this time, who earned both of their championships by wiping out the NL West Champion Giants… 😦

Giants, go get that series win on the Padres!
P.S. They signed the ball at a card show that evening. I should have gotten Tony Gwynn, Sr.’s signature that night, too. He was the picture of class that night. I’d love to give his son a hug tomorrow around the game, because he may have the same feelings as his dad on that night.

Giants in First

Chris Haft’s Blog

The Giants have clawed their way to first place with the Padres’ September Swoon. Something like the 1951 season, just not so far back and getting first cleanly and earlier.
My October 3rd tickets are now useful! 🙂 Got them in March, thought just nice to have the last game of the season. First time I think I’ve gotten both Opening and Final Day tickets in a season – the bookends.

Vin broadcasting Bonds’ 71-73 HR Happily


Vin happily broadcast Bond’s 71st, 72nd, and 73rd home runs. Bonds’ 71st and 72nd home runs, along with one from Rich Aurilla, were not enough to help Estes keep back the Dodgers who won 11-10. The next day, the Dodgers clinch the postseason. With Bonds’ 73rd home run, the Dodgers we’re probably woozy front night before, probably like the ’97 Giants (although that same Estes, plus J.T. Snow, Jr. and Jeff Kent, made it to an autograph show that early evening, under the watchful eye of Jack Snow, Sr.).
Ah, the rivalry… 🙂
Oh, second thought – in ’97, the Giants won that game against the Padres. Tony Gwynn was also at that show, sitting in a very lonely manner watching the excitement. Still have a very Hall of Famer poise about him. I’ve got tickets (four in View Box, but behind the plate and next to the camera well) for the last game of the season, which will be against the Padres. Payback this time? 😦