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My New 2010 WS Giants Cap

New 2010 WS Giants Cap.jpg

This cap replaced my well-worn 2002 World Series Giants Cap. Ordered it Sunday after the Giants Won the Pennant on Saturday. Was an Apple Store opening up in Serramonte or was that just the line in front of the Giants Dugout? 🙂
I ordered the 2002 cap the Friday before Game 6. It arrived several days after the Giants lost, but I wore it for eight years anyways.
I ordered this one on Sunday doing overnight delivery in the hope that it would arrive before the 2010 World Series ended. Imagine my surprise when the UPS guy shows up Tuesday asking for me (rather than my wife). Great service, MLB shops! (Under-promising and over-delivering!)

Cap Retired

Today from the MLB shop, I ordered a replacement for my 2002 World Series Giants cap, plus one for my youngest daughter. Yikes, she’s a 7 1/8, my eldest is a 7 5/8, (didn’t want one) and I’m an 8. Line today outside of Giants Dugout store in Serramonte looked like an Apple Store opening… 🙂 Saved 20% by using my Mastercard.

I brought a sign requesting “Retire This Hat” (with the hat pinned to the sign) to Game 5 of the NLCS, but with the grumpy old men around me, I generally kept it closed up. I brought it out in the third inning, which may have jinxed the team… 😦