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The Giants Have Won the Pennant!

I’ve heard that certain Dodgers fans believe these are the worst six words in the english language.

Finally, I have valid World Series tickets. My upline Carol has claimed my Game One tickets. I’m looking to use at least two Game Two tickets. I’m not sure about my game six tickets. I’m not sure about my Game Seven Tickets. So much planning!

Funny to hear all the talking heads discussing the Tigers rotation, especially Verlander. Have they all forgotten the 2012 All-Star game *already*.


And Still Champion…

What a game last night. Total of five errors committed. One for comebacks, but not for quality. Amazingly, San Francisco Giants are still the Current Reigning World Series Champions!

And forever they will be the 2010 World Series Champions.

The Celebration Begins

The Giants have won the World Series for the first time in my lifetime. Heck, almost in *Bruce Bochy’s* lifetime. I have to go up a couple of cousin to find a relative alive the last time the Giants won the World Series (plus my elder half sister, who died in the 60s, was two in 1954).

Fireworks of questionable legality are going off in the background. And plenty of cheering.
And the Schwab Cup Championship starts later this week, which could have created an interesting city…

Pre-Game 5 prediction?

Pre-Game 4 Line Up Prediction

At the moment, I don’t have a prediction for how Game 5 will turn out.
I do know how I felt during NLDS Game 2, NLCS Game 4, NLCS Game 5, and Saturday. As I was walking around on Saturday afternoon, I either had a feeling of dread or just a power drop during Moreland’s three run homer. Catch is that I *wasn’t* getting a game update during Moreland’s at bat, catching the result a few minutes later. Similar energy drops during the NLDS 2 and NLCS 5, but *never* during NLCS 4, event when the Giants were down.
I’ve already been wrong with guessing a win, lose, win, win pattern (instead being win, win, lose, win), so maybe I’m wrong with the Giants losing today to win Wednesday, too. I hope I’m wrong about a possible loss today, too… 🙂

Cap Retired

Today from the MLB shop, I ordered a replacement for my 2002 World Series Giants cap, plus one for my youngest daughter. Yikes, she’s a 7 1/8, my eldest is a 7 5/8, (didn’t want one) and I’m an 8. Line today outside of Giants Dugout store in Serramonte looked like an Apple Store opening… 🙂 Saved 20% by using my Mastercard.

I brought a sign requesting “Retire This Hat” (with the hat pinned to the sign) to Game 5 of the NLCS, but with the grumpy old men around me, I generally kept it closed up. I brought it out in the third inning, which may have jinxed the team… 😦