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Giants vs. Snakes Magic Number: 16

If the Snakes play .500 baseball for the rest of the season, they give the Giants a chance to tie by them running the table.

I don’t want the feeling I had in 1998, at a windy, cold, overcast Candlestick turning in my postseason strip. I want warm sunshine sitting in Club Level 229.


Giants vs Snakes Magic Number: 18

Well, after a day when my Apple Option trading on my brokerage accounts cost me a bit (I could attempt to explain, but even my wife is confused), at least the Giants won and the Diamondbacks lost so the Giants’ magic number vs. them is down to 18. One scenario is the Snakes go 4-7 and the Giants run the table.

Bauman: Greatness is at Doc’s command?


According to Bauman, because Doc has two one hitters, he’s suppose to get a perfect game? By number of one hitters, does that mean Matt Cain is next? 🙂 The only D-back who got a hit last Friday, May 28th was Mark Reynolds in the second. Cain then plunked him in the fifth for breaking up his perfect game… 🙂

Great free signing by Matt at Sports Authority in Daly City, CA (a southern bordering town to San Francisco) yesterday, Saturday, May 29th. Mizuno was nice to do this, although website promotion would have helped. Mizuno staff was great, too. Why was I the only one who brought Mizuno equipment for him to sign?

Had to buy the batting gloves across the street, though, at Big 5. Showed my dozen year old White-X pattern (the rep told me the model name yesterday, but I’ve forgotten) batting gloves which work great as car driving and golf gloves, too.