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How One Gets to Game 7

You get to Game 7 in a best of seven series by the team leading 3 games to 2 LOSING Game 6 – that’s the only way. Game 7 is now a test of your resiliency – expecting to win after you’ve lost.

The Giants have a small advantage in that after getting blown out early, they had time to go through the motions and get the Royals out fifteen more times after the third inning. The thought “we were suppose to win yesterday” died very well in a blow out.

Today, we find out about the Royals and Giants LUCK (Labor Under Correct Knowledge). We can hope it’s like Michael Morse asking a Giants Batting Practice pitcher to throw sidearm for a session.

Draining by Haters

I went to the game last night. The low number of hits with RISP due in a large part to ludicrous defense by the Red Sox, on the order of Brandon Crawford leaping catch from last week. The haters on SFGate just drained me right now, even responding to one who didn’t remember Panda’s home run in July.

The game would have been enjoyable even if the Giants lost 1-2. Instead they won 3-2.

Next game for me is Sunday with a client and a will be client and her daughter.

The Giants Have Won the Pennant!

I’ve heard that certain Dodgers fans believe these are the worst six words in the english language.

Finally, I have valid World Series tickets. My upline Carol has claimed my Game One tickets. I’m looking to use at least two Game Two tickets. I’m not sure about my game six tickets. I’m not sure about my Game Seven Tickets. So much planning!

Funny to hear all the talking heads discussing the Tigers rotation, especially Verlander. Have they all forgotten the 2012 All-Star game *already*.

Better than my last Postseason Strip

I last bought a Giants Postseason Strip in 1998, the year they lost a tiebreaker game to the Cubs (which would now be called the Wild Card Play In game). The weather was cold, windy, and foggy when I returned to the ticket window to turn in my tickets.

This year, I’ve been to both Game Twos so far, NLDS and NLCS, same as in 2010, although I purchased individual game tickets. Much better.

I can only pray my tickets for Sunday will be valid.

I’m selling my NLCS Game 7 tickets for Monday, October 22nd because I’ll be playing in the Cal Baseball Foundation Golf Tournament at the Contra Costa Country Club in Pleasant Hill. Allen Craig signed up for it months ago. I don’t know about Xavier Nady. May they both be too busy that evening to show up (although shotgun start is at 10am)… ๐Ÿ™‚


Sorry about no posts since June. Now that that’s out of the way…

People care so little about advancing a base on Defensive Indifference that it doesn’t even show up in the box score. Brandon Crawford managed one in the eighth inning in Game 2. Buster managed one in the ninth after a walk. Panda went from second to third on a wild pitch, which also didn’t show up in the box score. None of them scored, but I saw an overconfidence in the Reds. Finally in Game 3, it jumped up and bit them.

Dusty and Company are confused now. Bochy probably has his Game 5 starter picked and my money is on Lincecum, where he can step it up and make a statement.

FYI, I didn’t find a “date” for Game 2, either. Called several people, many too busy on a Sunday night. Sold Seats 3 and 4 to a family of five who were swapping tickets. Didn’t let them know I have postseason strips for those seats. I’ll take my $122.50 per seat.

Lincecum’s Crisis of Confidence

With today’s game, has Lincecum’s Crisis of Confidenceย ended? The quotes look great, with many of them speaking confidently or containing the word “confidence”. Time will tell, but I perceive the foundation coming together.

Now to generate the confidence in myself that in April 2019, I can make this little speech introduction:

“Good morning. I’m NSD Philip Wing from San Francisco, California and 2018 Mid-Amateur Champion. The company is accommodating enough to me so I only visit Georgia once this month. After this broadcast, I’m off to Augusta to play in a little golf tournament called The Masters….”

Barry, like Woody?

Barry’s performance Monday in Denver brought back memories today of an A’s/Giants game years ago.

I had Arcade seats in the midst of a large A’s contingent. With Woody (Kirk Reuter) pitching, they racked up six runs in the first inning. I think it was pre-season, which is why he didn’t get pulled. The A’s fans were doing their usual “Let’s Go Oakland” chant. I individually drowned them out with “Let’s Stop Oakland!” For the rest of the game, I was obnoxious with the A’s fans, calling for foul balls for the A’s fans in the section when their hitters had less than two strikes. They couldn’t figure out what to say. The Giants did – by winning. ๐Ÿ™‚