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Ready to Play

Nothing like having a heck of a time operating someone else camera yesterday with Will Clark at the TriStar show. I was trying to get my stuff organized when the woman in front of me asked me to take her picture, with quick instructions on how to use her camera. Should have used my Canon PowerShot S5 IS with a real lens and higher pixel count for a better picture. Went through twice because I forgot to get the inscription on my bat and 2010 mini helmet.

Cody Ross and J. Sanchez today. Maybe both on the mini helmet, but I originally wanted it just to be the two SF Giants NLCS MVPs. (Benito Santiago, the 2002 NLCS MVP, is not at this show.)

Finally, the Ready to Play part; I have my Braves/Rangers tickets for June 18th at 4:10 PM, Club Level 313R, Row 8, Seats 9 and 10. I ‘m not sure why the odd start time, just like yesterday’s Giants/A’s game. I’ll be there in lots of Giants stuff, notably my faded orange jacket (even in Hotlanta) and my by then broken in 2010 WS Champion Footjoy golf shoes (using Street Spikes). FYI, the shoes replace a previous pair of Footjoys that are somewhat worn out.



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Giants Opening Day Recap

I’ll start this off with I believe may be blocking me from posting comments to their articles. It would be *great* at least to hear *why* they’re doing this, but I haven’t gotten a response to my “issue” message.
Here’s what I *was* going to post with the recap:
For both this and last year’s Opening Day, the family I invited to go with my daughter to the game informed me on the Wednesday before the game that they couldn’t go because of previous commitments (which they didn’t mention when I invited them). Both games went into extras (13 last year, 12 this year), finished with the same score, and with a walk-off single by Aaron Rowand. At least this year’s replacement guest was a heck of a lot happier to be there today (and stayed with us through all 12 innings, compared to last years replacements who left in the seventh inning being very uncomfortable to be with the crowd at the park).

Save Cal Baseball

And if the university destroys the program that, among other Giants, developed Jeff Kent and provided competition for Barry Bonds (ASU) and Randy Johnson (UCLA) while I attended, I pledge to resign my Lifetime Cal Alumni membership and strongly suggest that my SHCP Junior daughter not apply to the university.
Sadly, I never did attend a baseball game, although I did attend two Cal/Stanfurd Big Games, especially the 1982 game, which finished with The Play.

Wanted: Four AT&T Park Club Level Seat  Licenses

Well, I’m in the hunt for four AT&T Park Club Level Seat Licenses. One posting looking promising, but got pulled just before I was going to make a bid (asking price: $6,000). For another set I’ve made $4,000 bids twice without a response. The seller for a set of four Seat 225 seats was really funny, though. To my bid of $4,000 (comparable to the seats which were pulled), the seller simply restated his asking price of $18,000. Sorry, sellers, I only want to spend so much and I already have my opening day tickets. I’ll pick up some more Saturday at the SHCP auction, although I’ll probably get outbid on some of them.

The Celebration Begins

The Giants have won the World Series for the first time in my lifetime. Heck, almost in *Bruce Bochy’s* lifetime. I have to go up a couple of cousin to find a relative alive the last time the Giants won the World Series (plus my elder half sister, who died in the 60s, was two in 1954).

Fireworks of questionable legality are going off in the background. And plenty of cheering.
And the Schwab Cup Championship starts later this week, which could have created an interesting city…