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Lincecum’s Crisis of Confidence

With today’s game, has Lincecum’s Crisis of Confidence¬†ended? The quotes look great, with many of them speaking confidently or containing the word “confidence”. Time will tell, but I perceive the foundation coming together.

Now to generate the confidence in myself that in April 2019, I can make this little speech introduction:

“Good morning. I’m NSD Philip Wing from San Francisco, California and 2018 Mid-Amateur Champion. The company is accommodating enough to me so I only visit Georgia once this month. After this broadcast, I’m off to Augusta to play in a little golf tournament called The Masters….”


Potheads Suck!

Giants Mayhem

Why yesterday’s Giants win is not enough of a high is beyond me, but I peeled off from the crowd after the game when I smelled someone polluting the atmosphere in front of me.
I presume they won’t be participating in tonight’s mayhem because they won’t give a damn.
Lincecum learned his lesson this year – how about you guys?
I think you’ll get higher off of life rather than pot, don’t you agree?
Oh, and you guys might be interested in the pot-laced Granola that Trader Joe’s is now selling, probably to children to get them started early. Cheap.

To Sell or Not to Sell


Your thoughts – Should I sell my Club Level 202 ticket for tomorrow for enough to pay for my View Bow 310 ticket for Thursday? That’s the current going rate on StubHub. I could also use the opportunity to meet Giants Fans and help them and I afford a lot more Giants tickets in the future.
I would miss Bumgarner but see Timmy.
I’ll post my decision by tomorrow at 7 AM.