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MLB.com won’t accept my comments and Giants Opening Day

Giants Opening Day Recap

I’ll start this off with I believe MLB.com may be blocking me from posting comments to their articles. It would be *great* at least to hear *why* they’re doing this, but I haven’t gotten a response to my “issue” message.
Here’s what I *was* going to post with the recap:
For both this and last year’s Opening Day, the family I invited to go with my daughter to the game informed me on the Wednesday before the game that they couldn’t go because of previous commitments (which they didn’t mention when I invited them). Both games went into extras (13 last year, 12 this year), finished with the same score, and with a walk-off single by Aaron Rowand. At least this year’s replacement guest was a heck of a lot happier to be there today (and stayed with us through all 12 innings, compared to last years replacements who left in the seventh inning being very uncomfortable to be with the crowd at the park).