Don’t Panic

Wow, lots of Giants fans are panicking all over the place. Fire Bochy, Sabean, Murphy, Mays. Bring in Manny. (from the folks who wanted Guillen) Sacrifices in Golden Gate Park to Cthulhu (a really bizarre reference you might be able to find).

Tonight, the Giants have currently backed into the Wild Card lead. The starting pitching staff just needs to click again. And for those who wonder about the Wild Card, I’m wearing my hat tonight from what can happen from that position… 🙂
So, just like on the cover of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “Don’t Panic.”


  1. 2bnumber3

    People tend to demand changes during a slump. Players can have a bad game or a bad week, it’s not always a reflection on the coaches. I like your blog, keep bloggin! And thanks for puttin up a good series against my Dbacks! better watch out for miggie and laroche!

  2. Mark Dunsmore

    No panicking here. I think they’ve overachieved this year, but with Lincecum’s struggles this month and the continuing lack of consistent hitting, they’re bound to hit a wall. Hopefully Timmy can straighten things out of this last month, Huff and Posey can get back on track at the plate and the defense gets their act together (that error in the 1st today by Guillen was bad–the kids in the LLWS have been playing defense). I’m not too sure the Wild Card is a possibility any more, unless they get crazy hot like the Rockies did a few years ago. But this team ain’t that Rockies team . . . Here’s hoping Sabean can go out and get a bat this off-season because they’ve got the other pieces in place.

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