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Sorry about no posts since June. Now that that’s out of the way…

People care so little about advancing a base on Defensive Indifference that it doesn’t even show up in the box score. Brandon Crawford managed one in the eighth inning in Game 2. Buster managed one in the ninth after a walk. Panda went from second to third on a wild pitch, which also didn’t show up in the box score. None of them scored, but I saw an overconfidence in the Reds. Finally in Game 3, it jumped up and bit them.

Dusty and Company are confused now. Bochy probably has his Game 5 starter picked and my money is on Lincecum, where he can step it up and make a statement.

FYI, I didn’t find a “date” for Game 2, either. Called several people, many too busy on a Sunday night. Sold Seats 3 and 4 to a family of five who were swapping tickets. Didn’t let them know I have postseason strips for those seats. I’ll take my $122.50 per seat.