Perfect Discount

I went on June 12th and saw Bumgarner strike out twelve and Romo get another for Brats. Sold tonight’s tickets for $40, a discount of $4 under the face.

Maybe now I can get companions for these games… 🙂


Barry, like Woody?

Barry’s performance Monday in Denver brought back memories today of an A’s/Giants game years ago.

I had Arcade seats in the midst of a large A’s contingent. With Woody (Kirk Reuter) pitching, they racked up six runs in the first inning. I think it was pre-season, which is why he didn’t get pulled. The A’s fans were doing their usual “Let’s Go Oakland” chant. I individually drowned them out with “Let’s Stop Oakland!” For the rest of the game, I was obnoxious with the A’s fans, calling for foul balls for the A’s fans in the section when their hitters had less than two strikes. They couldn’t figure out what to say. The Giants did – by winning. 🙂