Giants’ Magic Number: 25

Finally, the Giants score runs and win, plus the Padres manage to hold on to a lead and Heath Bell gets a save. Jon Miller mentioned today that a fan came up to him and said the Giants’ Magic Number is 27 before today’s game. He commented that the fan was very optimistic. He did the math and the fan got the numbers correct, although it does mean the Snakes *must* losing a number of games for the Giants to win the NL West.

After today’s results, that number is down to 25. Maybe I will toss in the $25 for my postseason strips in CL 229. Would be nice to collect the 10 to 1 payoff on my $20 bet. After my last two losing trips to Reno, something tells me that planning to blow a bunch of it when I come back is a bad idea. (through proper money management, I usually come back ahead.)


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